Monday, October 09, 2006

What's wrong with this woman

This woman regularly puts her Jack Russell terrier over the fences that protect sensitive areas of Prospect Park. Here she is prompting her dog to tear up the wildflower meadow near the baseball fields. People who work for the landscape management office have told me that they've spoken to her many times as she does it throughout the park. It's bad enough that dogs run unleashed all over the park, but to have some folks intentionally allow their dogs into areas that the parks department is trying to restore is just selfish and idiotic. Being that it is a Jack Russell terrier I suspect that she's hoping her dog will locate a rat and kill it. Sicko.

Also, note the time stamps on the images.

(click images to enlarge)

A few minutes later a wet, muddy dog that had been playing in the water ran up to me and jumped up, smearing his muddy paws down the front of my pants.

The owner of the following dog was a real sweetheart. I spotted a dog several hundred yards away from any dog owner. Its owner clearly hadn't a clue what the dog was up to. When I took out my camera to snap a photo a woman that was about 50 yards to my left screamed, "Put that f**cking camera away, asshole!" I just ignored her.

Earlier in the morning, while standing in the woods of Payne Hill, three large dogs were bounding through the woodlands. Their owner was quite a distance from the dogs and didn't seem the least bit concerned about their activities. My experience this morning was extremely stressful and reinforced why I stopped going into the park in the mornings and late afternoons.