Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Health Commissioner Frieden's legacy

There is an article in the recent issue of AM New York about New York City's Commissioner of Health, Dr. Thomas Frieden. Apparently, Commissioner Frieden believes that he should ban trans fats in New York City. The author goes on to note that in his tenure Dr. Frieden has instituted an indoor smoking ban at bars, nightclubs and restaurants, expanded HIV testing programs and implemented Diabetes Prevention and Control Program. There is no mention, however, that he is about to turn his back on the current leash law and associated health codes. In a proposal to the Board of Health the Commissioner of Parks will be given the authority to allow dogs to run unleashed, in unfenced areas of New York City parks. I suspect that after the first child mauling occurs in a city park that people will forget about his accomplishments and only remember one thing about Thomas Frieden. He is the city official that erased the leash law and endangered the health of every child playing in a city park.

Prospect Park, "The Ravine"

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