Friday, October 27, 2006

Another injured dog

There was another off-leash dog attack at Juniper on Saturday, October 21st. A shepherd mix off its leash attacked a beagle on a leash and seriously injured him. The owner took responsibility and accompanied the beagle's owners to the vet and offered to pay the bill. The dog lost part of his ear and needed many stitches. The owner of the off-leash dog said he only had the dog for two months, and that he didn't "own" it, but was acting as a foster owner until a permanent owner could be found. This illustrates the point that there are no controls over who is allowing their dogs offleash and that dog behavior isn't predictable. The owner of the dog pulled his car into the park, loaded the injured beagle into it and rushed him to the vet. He didn't have time to file a police report, and it wouldn't have mattered anyway considering that one dog attacking another doesn't "count" as per the NYPD, the Department of Health and the Department of Parks and Recreation.