Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Another supporter letter

Below is a letter that was sent to the Juniper Civic Association. On some of the online forums I've been called (among other things) "a mouth piece for the Juniper Civic Association". Have I helped their cause? Of course. Are they the only people in NYC who oppose the off-leash "courtesy hours"? Hardly.

From: Dan Matsis
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 12:44 PM
Subject: Leash Law Enforcement

Robert Holden:

Thanks for your litigation efforts toward protecting public park space from appropriation by private Kennel and Dog Weapon Clubs.

I have lived at West 90th Street, Manhattan, since 1978, one block from Riverside Park and I avoid Giuliani's 88th Street Dog Run because it has been made barren by a clay topping, it stinks of dog waste and the dogs bark and snarl at anyone who comes within 30 feet of the dog run fencing.

Furthermore, there has been a "Robert Moses Highway Effect", where the number of dogowners increases and the number of dogs kept by each owner increases as the dog run accommodations increase. Now, my impression is that more dogs use Riverside Park than chilldren, and space devoted to the 72nd Street, 87th Street and 105th Street dog runs rivals the space devoted to children's playgrounds.

Thanks again, and my JPCA membership dues are forwarded to you by snail mail.

Dan Matsis
New York, NY

The link below is for a PDF file that traces the paper trail that a woman had to follow when her dog was killed by another dog in Central Park. Does anyone care?

-Ms. Spano's letters-