Wednesday, October 18, 2006

FIDO shoots bogus video

At 9:35am today my friend Mary called me on my cellphone. She was walking through Prospect Park on her way to work and encountered a film crew. She approached the group to ask if they were shooting a movie. They told her that they were shooting some dogs. At that point a Great Dane that had been running around in the woods came bounding out of the trees and onto the grass at the Sparrow Bowl. She said, "How about that one". They ignored her. The time was approximately 9:30am.

She recognized one of the people in the group as being the head of FIDO. Apparently, the group is desperately trying to create a positive spin on the unleashed dog problem in Prospect Park. Mary also mentioned that due to the poor weather conditions in the morning and the time (it was after the 9am courtesy hours) there weren't that many unleashed dogs still around.

These people will go to any lengths to counter the truth and the damning photographs and videos that I've been accumulating. If they shot the piece in video I'd like to see the time codes on the master tapes.