Friday, June 06, 2008

Park Commissioner coming to Prospect Park

I found out that park commissioner Adrian Benepe is making a special appearance in Prospect Park tomorrow morning (June 7th). The local offleash, lunatic fringe organization, F.I.D.O., is having their monthly "Coffee Bark" meeting on the Long Meadow at 7am. It slipped out that Mr. Benepe is coming to support this group of self-centered dog owners. I recommend that you all come out and hound the commissioner about the ridiculous policy of allowing dogs to run off their leashes in unenclosed areas of city parks. You should ask him why he went from publicly stating on several occasions that unleashed dogs in crowded city parks was a big problem to, unleashed dogs make our parks safer. Maybe his karma will come back to him and he'll be attacked by one of those well adjusted, safe dogs.