Monday, September 18, 2006

Two more reason's why the parks commissioner is insane

There are several "professional" dogwalkers that use Prospect Park as their doggy playground. I'm not sure what it takes to become a "professional". I suspect just a flyer with the word "professional" on it. Anyway, these people come into Prospect Park twice a day with multiple dogs then just unleash them in the fields. Two people, in particular, regularly come into the park at the 16th Street entrance with over 20 dogs between them. If that weren't bad enough, the dogs end up well outside of the Nethermead Meadow. Here are some photos from today. Are these dogs really under control by any definition of the word?

(Click images to enlarge)

The second reason is the fact that he thinks it is perfectly acceptable to let dogs romp unleashed after sunset. For those not familiar with Prospect Park, the fields and meadows are not like football fields. They are dotted with islands of trees, bordered by woodlands and, oh yeah, there are not bright lights. Unless dog crap glows in the dark I have no idea how it is getting picked up. Oh, that's right, it isn't.

This is a photo of the north end of the Long Meadow just before sunrise. The dim lights that ring the meadow are the only lights on any of the fields and meadows.