Friday, September 08, 2006

Pit Bull Attack in Juniper Valley Park

I just received the following information:

A Maspeth woman, Lisa Ludwigson, was walking her dog, a miniature pinscher, on a leash in Juniper Valley Park at 11pm on Wednesday night (Sept. 6th).

An unleashed pit-bull came running from nowhere and attacked Lisa's dog but not before inflicting several bite wounds on the small dog. Luckily Lisa's fiancé helped beat back the pit-bull but not before the little dog was seriously hurt.

The pit-bull's owner attempted to leave but Lisa and her fiancé threatened to follow him home. They called the police, who obviously did nothing even though when the cops arrived the pit-bull's owner was holding the dog by the collar, with no leash. No summons.

The veterinarian bill came to $500. Lisa is supplying me with photos and will write a letter to editor for newspapers.

My friend Karen's late mini-pin, "Moe", was once grabbed by a German Shepherd in Prospect Park and tossed around like a toy. Luckily, Moe came away more emotionally tramatized than physically. Because of that incident she would only bring Moe to the park during the non-offleash hours...and she would let Moe run unleashed.