Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The truth about the "outdated" health code

Many (if not all) of the off-leash advocates complain about outdated health codes. They claim that they are laws passed in 1959. The implication is that the law hasn't been evaluated in almost 5 decades and should be revised. The fact is that the Board of Health did look at and revise the health codes - in 2003. Not only did they vote to let the existing codes stand they amended it to help ensure and increase the protection of New Yorkers. In "Notice of Adoption of Amendments to Sections 161.03, 161.04 and 161.05 of the New York City Health Code" a task force was created which included the New York City Police Department, Department of Parks and Recreation, Department of Sanitation, Housing Authority, Department of Housing Preservation and Development and the Center for Animal Care and Control. Under the section titled, "Dogs to be Restrained" is the amendment:

"Notices of violation for failure to comply with this section may be issued by any authorized employee, officer or agent of the Department, or of the Departments of Sanitation and Parks and Recreation, or successor agencies."

So it appears that, not only has the parks commissioner ignored the health code, but also the entire 2003 task force.

-Click here to read the Board of Health Notice of Adoption-