Friday, September 08, 2006

Dana Rubinstein is a liar

"The Brooklyn Papers" a small, community-based newspaper, just printed a story entitled "Dogs win! Off-leash hours survive". The author, Dana Rubinstein, is either another example of a journalist making up facts to suit a hidden agenda or she is just an outright liar. Here is a link to the story:

-Dogs win!-

I had supplied her with a lot of information for the article. She didn't use any of it.

Here is a letter to her from Bob Holden:

"Dear Dana,

Why did you write this article like the "off-leash courtesy" is a done deal? Many don't believe the city can or even will do this. The way the article is written it appears nobody has anything to say. That's totally wrong and grossly misleading.

The headline and subhead are misleading too. The off-leash hours didn't survive. Who's giving you this info?

Parks attorney, Paula Van Meter, when backed in the corner by the judge,
blurted out at the city will ATTEMPT to clarify the commissioner's authority to allow dogs off-leash in parks. The judge was grilling her on how can a commissioner give himself the authority to tell people they can violate a law.

According to Van Meter, Parks will meet with the NYC Department of Health to
discuss the issue. Have you heard from them? I don't believe anyone has. They haven't proposed anything yet and there will be a 90-day comment period if and when they do.

You also get quotes from four people on the other side and only me on our
side...why? I thought reporters were supposed to remain neutral, have an open mind and try to present both sides equally.

Bob Holden"

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