Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Now, for something completely different

In addition to the off-leash advocates disseminating misleading and inaccurate information, they frequently paint me (or anyone who demands that dogs be leashed) as a dog hater. I told my mother that and she laughed. I've mentioned in previous posts that I come from a large, "dog family" and that I love dogs. I just do not want some strange dog forced on me. To make a point my wife suggested that I post some images of the four-legged family members, past and present. So here we go:

This is my mother with her dog and a "passenger". If I told you the year my mother would disown me.

Here's one of my younger sisters with our first dog, Cindy. I think this was about 1961.

Here's the same sister with her new baby. This was taken in July.

This is my sister-in-law with my father's dog, Humphrey. He liked to sit in the co-pilot's seat when dad went flying.

My wife and nephew watching a movie with Luigi. Luigi is nearly blind but manages quit well by sense of smell.

Arielle and Lassie.

Jager was a very sweet dog and passed away recently.

The pool patrol; Dayton, Tanner and Maggie.

Jesse, the newest family member, out for a spin with mom & Willie.

I'm still looking for photos of Beaucoup, Puppy and BG.