Friday, March 09, 2007

Dog on dog attack

I just received the following from a friend in Prospect Park:

Sent: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 5:16 PM 
Subject: dog attack 
[ ... ] My neighbor Angela was walking her small collie (a miniture, or Sheltie) in the park last weekend, on a leash. She was talking to a woman whose large Shepherd was off-leash. It suddenly attacked her dog, with the owner just flailing around, Angela screaming and kicking the dog, and her little dog getting ripped apart. Suddenly (she said like a guardian angel) Steve was on the attack dog, grabbed it by the hackles and pulled it off. The owner of the vicious dog is now pissed at Angela for "bad mouthing" her with the FIDO crowd. Angela told her if she ever sees her with that dog off leash again, she'll call the cops. Here's the interesting part. Angela said this woman is an "ex-nun." I knew immediately who she was talking about. This same woman used to have 3 large out of control shepherds (I think one of them was the one who attacked Peter). When I used to take my dog to the park about 8 years ago, everyone knew her dogs were vicious and out of control. She's still around, and still out of control. The vet told Angela [that] Steve saved her dog's life. The dog is full of puncture wounds that are getting inflamed and infected, and the bills will be considerable).

I'm looking for "reporters" from other parks around Brooklyn and the city. If you, or anyone you know, frequents a park other than Central Park and Prospect Park and has had problems with unleashed dogs, write to me here: