Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another obnoxious person from the fringe

My spamblocker filter picked up a letter from one of the off-leash lunatic fringe. Here's an excerpt to give you an idea of the vitriol these folks exude:

"Hey there guy. I want to be a park 'reporter'. But, you see, what I will be reporting on is people like you. Exposing all your bs, all your lies and propaganda. L, hmm....104th...who might THAT be. Maybe Lorraine. No, she has no agenda. hahaha!!!!

Here is a report. 'citybirder', can you help me find him? I'm curious about the petition names he submitted. Where is that on your 'blog' that SO many people read. The only people who read your blah blog are people like me, who get a laugh out of it and use it to make sure that the public understands the TRUTH about your 'reporting' and your couple of friends and civic supporters.

First of all, it is so damn clear that you are lying with regard to the "Mommy! Mommy" picture. It is CLEARLY a man that is walking the child and he is smiling. You can't even get your own facts straight.

[ ... ] Off leash is here to stay my friend. Get used to it. In the meantime, people like me will be the first to let other folks know about your propaganda, half truths and outright lies.


"Lorraine"? No. Now you know why I kept the woman's name off of the posting, so unstable individuals like this person stay away from her.

"... the petition names he submitted". Lawyers have already begun an action against N.Y.C.D.O.G. for libel.

Here is a larger version of the photo to show that the "man" is a woman and she is holding out her hand to the dog, but what does that have to do with the little girl's fear? I was with another person who could verify what occurred. It's all being documented.

Little girl afraid of dog (click to enlarge)