Friday, March 02, 2007

Brooklyn Record comments

The Brooklyn Record posted a story about my "Pepper Spray" posting. What followed was a steady stream of comments, some of which are clearly representative of the offleash lunative fringe's character and temperment. I'm not sure what motivated the Brooklyn Record editor, but the entire piece was recently removed from the website. I was able to download a cached version and save it to a PDF file. You can read the text here:

-Brooklyn Record, "Fighting off Dogs with Pepper Spray"-

I also don't know why the following comments was removed from the list of comments. Draw you own conclusions:

"At the public hearing the other day, where were the minorities? Absent were the blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Hasids, Middle Easterners and other minorities. Present were whites only. So, is this offleash fury all about parks for whites only? Just noticing. Just asking. I was the tall guy up front watching the show, taking notes."