Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Department of Parks working with the mob?

Here's an interesting article from the "New York Daily News" regarding contracts awarded to a company with mob ties. Had the comptroller's office not discovered this "arrangement", would the parks department still be working with the mob?

-Mob ties sink city golf course contract-

From the article:

"This situation never would have happened if the Parks Department had followed the law and sent us the agreement for registration prior to its implementation," he said.

In addition to this "minor" oversight, the Department of Parks and Recreation is currently being sued by the US Department of Justice as they appear to have violated Title VII by engaging in a pattern or practice of unlawful discrimination:

-Jury Trial Demanded in discrimination case-

And now we have the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation willing to compromise the health and safety of the general public to appease a special interest group that represents a tiny percentage of New York City's population. Shouldn't journalists be looking in to this questionable behavior, as well?