Saturday, November 04, 2006

The lunatics are in charge of the asylum

This gets more ludicrous with every website I click on. The following is from the "Dog Fun" website's dog park directory:

"Brooklyn - Prospect Park

Three off leash areas: The Longmedow, The Nethermead, and The Peninsula Meadow. Prospect Park is one of New York Cities best parks and is about 563 acres. The park is also used by joggers, cyclists, Frisbee players, baseball players, softball players, soccer players, catch and release fishermen, horseback riders, radio control model aircraft, picnickers, bird watchers, roller-bladers, skateboarders, kite flyers, paddle-boaters, metal detector hobbyists, sunbathers, photographers, musicians, boxers, various martial artists, school groups, day camps in the summer, and concert goers some summer evenings. For the most part, the three off leash dog areas are used by the dogs and there owners during off leash hours."

"We also have some parents who bring children into the dog area during dog hours for the social experience. Some of the children are in strollers, infants may be on the parents chest or back, and the occasional child will chase a dog but is usually quickly corrected by a parent or informed dog handler. There are no breed restrictions. There are no sex or age restrictions, but most people have the common sense to not bring in bitches in heat, and to give extra close monitoring to a dog that has some social issues. Or not bring in a young puppy, especially not to the dog beach. (There is a designated dog beach and a swim area at the Peninsula as well.) There is enough space that a dog who displays aggression can be go to a different section of the meadow while his handlers gradually introduce him to other dogs."

This appears to have been written by FIDO and they are admitting that it's ok to unleash aggressive dogs in Prospect Park! Do these people ever read what they've written? Also consider this sentence:

"For the most part, the three off leash dog areas are used by the dogs and there [sic] owners during off leash hours."

Does this mean that "for the most part" the areas are used by dog owners ONLY during off leash hours, leading one to believe that sometimes they do during non-off leash hours? Or does it mean that "for the most part" they are the only people using those three fields during the off leash hours? I guess they're just hedging their bet because, "for the most part" dog owners completely ignore the rules and other people's rights.