Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lawsuit update

The following is from the "FIDO" website. FIDO is the Brooklyn dog owners group who, essentially, created the Prospect Park dog problem:

"Juniper Park Lawsuit Argued Before the Judge today

The short version is that Judge will render his decision based on a strict interpretation of the law: that the City Health Code specifies that dogs must be on a six foot leash. Under consideration is whether Juniper Park Civic Association has the public standing/right to initiate such a major lawsuit against the Parks Department. Also under consideration is whether the City Parks Commissioner is empowered to make concessions that violate the City Health Code. The Judge will not consider whether Off-Leash hours benefit the public good.

The good news out of this hearing is that the City announced that it WILL seek to change the City Health code regarding dogs in the next 90 days; make exceptions where it benefits the public good."