Sunday, August 06, 2006

Central Park photos

Just to make it clear that Prospect Park and Juniper Valley Park aren't the only parks with unleashed dog problems here are some images from Central Park. The photos were sent to me with the following descriptions:

"The dog jumping over the fenced-in area has just come back from chasing the wild turkey that was wandering around the park this spring. The dog next to the sign had jumped into a fenced in area that was planted with native flora. It ran amok in there for a while before the owner decided to get it out. The dog chasing the geese and the dogs in the stream bed are part of a group of 20 or more dogs that are let loosed in the north end of the park each morning by a woman who owns a dog-walking service. Apparently she feels the park is her personal dog run and does not abide by the rules."