Friday, December 01, 2006

A note to the lunatic fringe off-leashers

Be careful what you wish for.

"The court is keenly aware that while it can dispose of the legal issue presented, the broad emotional effect of the issues raised will remain. In the face of the angst and vitriol exhibited herein, common sense would dictate that something more than an "unwritten policy" governing the off-leash use of parkland by dogs, which is known by few and misunderstood by many, is required in this instance.

With this in mind, the statement by the respondent's counsel during oral argument, as amplified in writing, that respondent's will formalize the details of the current off-leash policy within the Park Rules, is, hopefully, more than mere puffery.

The alternative is simply more endless litigation over what is, inherently, an administrative and political problem."

The above qoute is an excerpt from Judge Kelly's ruling that the commissioner of parks does have the authority to allow people to run their dogs unleashed in city parks. At least now this will force the department of parks to formalize their "unwritten" rule changes under the procedures required by CAPA. I believe a lot more voices will be heard this time around.